About us


Fluturi.me is the first all-Albanian travel merchandise concept that is fundamentally based online in providing services on booking and selling airline tickets and other related services. Also Fluturi.me is a portal where you can get information about all the flights and other tourist products that are related to the Balkans at any place and at any time, quickly and safely. 

Using the most advanced search engines, we have been able to provide you with accurate information on the best links and the affordable prices in the market for exploring from and to the Balkans, all in the Albanian and English languages. Fluturi.me is linked to the online and low-cost line reservation systems to offer you the best and cheapest offer on the market at any time.
Fluturi.me is also supported by a call center where our staff serves you in every question you have. You can make ticket purchases securely through your credit card or through a bank transfer.